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brainy beauties.

the smartest hotties on lj ;)

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brainy beauties
brainy beauties was started by r0xy1 after her old community collapsed due to participation. she took along two of her best lj friends & they made brainy beauties! the community is going to have tons of contests, scavenger hunts, superlatives & more. so enjoy & bare with us while we get running.

meet the mods.
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main mod.
emily is 16 years old. she lives in new jersey & loves lacrosse, shopping at thrift stores & going to concerts. her cell phone is her baby & she has 3 bunnies. her favorite foods are quesadillas & mac & cheese.

Chelsea is also 16 years old. Although she lives in Indianapolis, her old town Metamora is the place she calls home. Her sister Meaghan *on the left in the picture above* is her best friend, and she loves her dachsund, or if you will, "wiener dog" more than any animal in the world. She loves beaches, her boyfriend Michael & ANYTHING chocolate.

Sam is the oldest, at 17 years old. She's a senior this year, and loving every minute of it. She plays varsity soccer for her high school as well as competitive soccer in the spring. She's very creative & loves writing & drawing. She's also a big animal lover & would do anything for an animal. She's obsessed with writing, anything chocolate & peanut butter, her cellphone, & music.

we're currently looking for mods. inquire here.

rules for applicants.
1. this is a rating community. we rate you on your intelligence & your looks. don't apply if you can't take critism.
2. you must be at least 13 years old to apply. boy or girl.
3. if you apply as a joke, you'll be banned & reported to lj.
4. do not reply back to every vote by the members, only if you are asked a question.
5. absoultly no promoting other communities.
6. on the application, there's a question that asks vanilla what? answer this with crayon, and we'll give you a cookie.
7. also, the subject line should be "i'm pretty, i'm smart.. what else could you want?" this way, we'll know you read the rules!
8. if you're rejected, you may reapply in 5 days.


just copy & paste this to apply. you'll be stamped within 2-3 days.

check them out here.

check out the members' page. here.

rules for members.
1. stay active!!
2. participate in superlatives, contests, themes, etc. it makes the mods happy.
3. listen to the mods. be helpful if they need it & back off if they ask.
4. don't be bitches. you can critique someone's app, but unnecessary rudeness doesn't go unnoticed.

for october;
show us some pictures of your costumes and decorations for Halloween! every picture you post will be worth two points and the one with the most points by the end of october will be Member Of The Month!

the affiliates.
looking for more. comment here.